Last night I dreamt that I was in the school during school time (our high school) and a lot of parents came into the school with guns and were taking us all hostage. They had a lot of students in HUGE cast iron cages on the main floor. My mom’s friend, Kim Perpich had me face down on the floor with a revolver to my head. However, she still allowed me to text, which was odd.

Anyway, she walked away and I was somehow able to escape and around this time, some spies or something were able to break into the school and release all these kids that were in these iron cages. I reached them and they helped my brother and I into this tan suburban where we were sitting in the back seat waiting for the police to drive us away. While we were waiting we saw Mrs. Eddy drag her sun outside the school and shoot him dead. I screamed and started crying and then she turned her gun to us. We then looked and saw the keys in the ignition and we sped away with minor injury.

The scene then changes and we’re in this pep rally at school and all the parents that were the killers are there and are not in trouble for their wrong doings. It was awful and a bunch of us kids were crying because no one would believe that they were the ones who did all the killings and held the hostages.

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